National Parents’ Day – A tribute to global Brands by Sudeep Gandhi (Visual Artist)

National Parents’ Day honors all parents on the fourth Sunday in July. Parents play a vital role in the lives of children. From the day we are born, parents are our protectors, teachers, providers and role models. As families, they are the core of our communities. On National Parents’ Day, we honor all parents do every day to raise up their children in a world that is constantly changing and challenging.
Similarly, there are thousands of brands who are nurtured by their Parent companies. In the Artworks few of the brands are wishing their respective parent companies “Happy Parents’ Day” by holding a huge greeting card, personifying emotions and respect these brands have towards them.

PepsiCo print ads

National Parents' Day

Mondelez print ad

P&G Print ads

“We are always surrounded with the Brands. Most of us have a liking towards a particular brand. Being an advertising and design professional I got an opportunity to learn in detail about terms like Parent Companies, Brands, Products, Services. I have always been fascinated towards the history and development of the Brands.

Today on National Parents’ Day, I would like to take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Parents’ Day to the Parent Companies who have been upbringing the brands and being a part of our day to day lives. I owe my greetings and gratitude to these Parent Companies and all the brands associated with it.” – Sudeep Gandhi (Artist)

This project is a Proactive Campaign designed with no other intention but to convey my greetings and gratitude to these Parent Companies and all the brands associated with it.

Mondelez International & brands associated with them.
Nestle & brands associated with them.
Procter & Gamble & brands associated with them.
PepsiCo & brands associated with them.
Unilever & brands associated with them.

Concept & Design by-
Sudeep Gandhi
Visual Designer & Calligraphist.

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