Nukkad Printer’s creative awareness Ad for ‘customized’ quality printing

Nukkad Printer wanted to create awareness about their service of ‘customized’ quality printing. Nukkad is a place that accommodates every client’s requirement according to their needs.

Local Hitler by Nukkad Printers

Local Marilyn by Nukkad Printers

Local Monalisa by Nukkad Printers

Nukkad Printers is Kolkata’s first all-solutions print hub located in the Kalighat area. They wanted to generate awareness about the service of ‘customized’ quality printing as provided by them.

Patachitra art had emerged in the post-independence era in Kalighat​ in Bengal​. Originally, it was called ‘Kalighat Patachitra.’ This art first started out by depicting illustrations of gods, goddesses and several deities but later chose to customize its creations and instead depict stories from domestic life, tradition, folklore & culture in Bengal in the 19th century.

They decided to ​resurrect​ one of the oldest art forms of Bengal, ‘Patachitra’ ​that is slowly diminishing​
Nukkad Printer is not only a printing hub but is also a place that accommodates your requirements according to your needs. The challenge was to depict this quality and create awareness about Nukkad Printer as a destination for quality customized printing​.

Hence,using ​famous​ characters (from different segments such as politics, art, entertainment) who are iconic and placing them in an age-old traditional/domestic life situation, They chose to bring to life the art of customization.

Client: Nukkad Printer
Advertising Agency: Monkey Wrench Communications, India
Creative Director: Ashis Mridha
Art Director: Sanjib Mondal, Dorin Burh
Copywriter: Madhura Chakravarty

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