PittaRosso and artist Simona Atzori created images to showcase femininity and freedom | #InfinitePossibilities

FCB Milan have collaborated with artist Simona Atzori and PittaRosso to create images to showcase femininity and freedom.

PittaRosso and the endless possibilities of being free, with Simona Atzori and FCB Milan. #InfinitePossibilità

FCB Milan’s new campaign for PittaRosso sets the stage for a new strategic path of the footwear and accessories brand, with the aim of enlarging its customer base through directly appealing to the hearts of consumers. It does so with a message of rapture, a concept that revolves around the campaign hashtag #InfinitePossibilità. A story of femininity, opportunities and freedom.

To tell it in a truly unique way, PittaRosso has chosen the face – and the body – of Simona Atzori, a woman who has decided to go beyond any limits and who has been able to make her diversity the driving force behind a successful artistic career. Simona was born without arms, and uses her feet to draw, dance, write and create. She has been a successful dancer and artist, appearing on national television, in books and dancing at the Vatican and at the Paralympic games.

Pitta Rosso and Simona Atzori #InfinitePossibilità

The campaign launched on the 16th April, running in print in the main national newspapers and magazines as well as digital and social content, including the dedicated landing page of infinitepossibilita.pitta.rosso.com. The campaign is rolling out through a variety of strategic media mediums to enhance the visual power of the message “infinite possibilities” that characterize the life and story of Simona Atzori.

Simona Atzori

Francesco Bozza, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Milan commented on the campaign, saying, “We are proud of this campaign, in every way possible: proud of having conceived and presented it during a pitch. Proud to have made it with this care and sensitivity and proud to have met an extraordinary person like Simona Atzori. Together, we helped the brand make a noticeable qualitative leap.
It reminds us that our job is not only to solve a marketing problem, but to do it through brilliant creativity”.

Simona Atzori is an Italian artist and dancer who was born in Milan. She was born without arms, and uses her feet to draw, write and perform all other daily activities.

Simona Atzori, Managing Partner added, “I am very happy to be part of this wonderful project. Being able to “donate” my image to PittaRosso was an idea that impressed me a lot. Combining the message of the different possibilities of shoes, which PittaRosso offers, to my “particular” ability to use my feet, is an idea that immediately involved me passionately. My use of the feet is certainly particular, and the different ways I use them, offer the inspiration for a message, in line with what PittaRosso wants to communicate to people.

The concept of infinite possibilities speaks to those people who in their lives, have discovered that they can use their feet in endless ways and feel happy, complete, beautiful and able to play with their bodies. It gives people the opportunity to try to get involved in different ways. The shoe becomes an instrument to encounter all the infinite possibilities of expression that each of us deserve to experience in order to live a full meaningful life. ”

Agency: FCB Milan
Brand: PittaRosso
Francesco Bozza – Chief Creative Officer
Fabio Teodori – Group Creative Director
Massimiliano Sala – Senior Copywriter
Greta Carrara – Copywriter
Mattia Errico – Art Director
Marina Masperi – Art Director
Elena Molinari – Junior Art Director
Paolo Costella – Strategic Planner
Claudia Frattallone – Account Director
Emiliana Papeo – Account Manager
Michele Virgilio – Producer
Martina Ferdinandi – Junior Producer
Photographer: Malena Mazza
Executive Producer: Michele Vilardo

Production Company: The Family
Director: Laura Plebani
CDP: Mattia Campo
Executive Producer: Maura Beretta
Stylist: Tatiana Carpignano

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