Save The Children: Missing, Print Ad by Y&R Mexico

Since 2014, 10,000 refugee children disappeared in a 2 year span soon after they arrived into Europe. There hasn’t been any real news coverage of this situation, and people aren’t aware of how huge this problem really is.


Campaign Name: Missing
Agency: Y&R Mexico
Client: Save the Children
CEO: Héctor Fernández
Creative VP: Saúl Escobar
General Creative Director: Karla Santa Anna
Creative Director: Manuel Guillén / Mario Vivanco
Associate Creative Director: Marco de León
Art Director: Manuel Guillén / Marco de León / Paola Miranda
Copywriter: Mario Vivanco
Accoutn Director: Mónica Anaya
Agency Producer: Adrián Rámos
Illustration / 3D / Postproduction: Gorila Estudio

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