VLCC print campaign – ‘Eat Right’ to get on with good health

VLCC Diet Plans guide you to those healthier options with their unique diet plans. Enroll today and start to ‘Eat Right’ to get on with good health.

Today, people live to eat. In such times where there is widespread obesity and the number of diseases increase with people’s age, we decided to sensitize people about their unhealthy eating habits. We showed people the unhealthy parts of their regular diet and replaced them with more wholesome food options that they could move to.

VLCC print campaign

VLCC - Eat Right

VLCC - Eat Right

VLCC - Eat Right

Brand: VLCC
Campaign: Eat Right
Advertising Agency: JWT, Gurgaon, India
Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar
Executive Creative Director / Senior Vice President: Amit Shankar
National Creative Director: Sambit Mohanty
Creative Director / Art Director / Illustrator: Prakash
Copywriter: Avinash Bajaj

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