Here is a list of the 5 best Augmented Reality based campaigns in 2018

Nicorette – Augmented Reality – London 2018

Nicorette is a brand that has its reach in many places across the globe. The products manufactured by Nicorette are based on Nicotine Replacement Therapy. They help smoking addicts get rid of their abnormally high dependency on cigarettes. In a recent augmented reality-based campaign in London, Nicorette partnered with a slacklining instructor named David. David himself used to be someone plagued by smoking and had quit his habit in 2016. The campaign called ‘Augmented Reality – Nicorette’ was executed at the Kings Cross station in London.

The brains behind the design of the campaign come from 3rockAR. The company designs AR based campaigns for different clients. As detailed in the promo, Nicorette gave commuters at the King Cross station a chance to experience the thrill of being like David. By the virtue of augmented reality, the commuters were given a glimpse of what it feels like to perform slacklining.

We feel that Nicorette made judicious use of the technological advancement at hand. The brand not only made a name for itself but passed on the following thought-provoking message: What would you start if you quit smoking for good?

Coca-Cola Augmented Reality Stockholm Mall of Scandinavia 2018

Coca-Cola is a brand that needs no introduction. Ever since 1886, the brand has sold carbonated beverages in different parts of the world. The 132-year-old origin of the brand traces back to the United States, but the brand’s geographical reach has expanded exponentially over the years. In a recent campaign held at the Mall of Scandinavia, the brand made use of Augmented Reality. The campaign was targeted at inculcating the habit of recycling used coke cans.

As portrayed in the promo designed by 3rockAR, coca-cola cans and bottles came to life and allowed the bystanders at the mall to dispose them with their hand gestures. The message displayed at the end of the campaign was to keep it going and recycle.

We feel that it was about time that a brand as big as coca-cola made use of Augmented Reality in one of their campaigns. The call-for-action at the end makes the whole initiative even more worthwhile.

Brioche Pasquier Augmented Reality London 2017

Brioche Pasquier is a famous agri-foods brand based in France. Some of the types of bread manufactured by Brioche Pasquier are popular across the globe. Recently, in a campaign executed at the Kings Cross station in London, the brand spread the message of fitness in an innovative way. The Brioche Pasquier Augmented Reality campaign in London encouraged the commuters at the station to get in shape by performing some basic exercises.

As displayed in the promo designed by 3RockAR, a Brioche Pasquier bread came to life and acted as the exercise instructor for the bystanders at the station. This augmented reality-based campaign spread the message of fitness while being as goofy as possible. At times, commuters were even told to dab to the instructions of the virtual packet of Brioche Pasquier bread.

We believe that in this era of technology, the advertising agency is looking at a very bright future. The fact that some well-known brands are already tapping the vast potential of augmented reality is pretty exciting!

Kellogg’s Augmented Reality Island Adventure by Blippar

Kellogg’s is a food manufacturing brand based in the United States. It is best known across the globe for its breakfast cereals. In a recent campaign, Kellogg’s turned its cereal packagings into adventure islands. Blippar, a London-based technology company that specializes in augmented reality acted as the brain behind the interactive Kellogg’s cereal boxes.

The promo video for the campaign showcases different interactive games designed by Blippar. All the games not only act as sources of fun but also instill educational learning in children. The whole ideology behind the campaign was to enable kids to learn things using Augmented Reality and to give them the needed push to go back to school. The interactive campaign has been pushed out for over 16 million boxes of different Kellogg’s breakfast cereals.

We feel that Kellogg’s has picked up an interesting subject as the basis of this campaign. The added flare of augmented reality takes the execution of the idea another notch!

Bareburger + Kabaq – Snapchat marketing campaign

Ever since its foundation in 2009, Bareburger has been a food chain that primarily manufactures burgers. However, unlike other food chains, Bareburger takes an organic approach to all its products. In a recent augmented reality-based campaign, Bareburger has declared its active attempt to replace paper menus altogether.

As displayed in the promo, Bareburger gives users the power to open Snapchat and view real images of food items using augmented reality. KabaQ 3D Food is responsible for the development of the Snapchat based 3D menu-display. In the beginning phase, the campaign is restricted to 4 burger types. However, advancements can certainly be expected in the future.

We think that augmented reality can drastically change the restaurant dining scenario in the near future. Bareburger’s attempt to replace paper menus with 3-D food displays is just the beginning!

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