5 Inevitable Future Digital Technology Trends You Must Be Aware Of

The rapid rise of technology has changed how the world works in every aspect. It has changed how we shop, how we interact with others and how we go on with our day to day lives. As technology grows at a fast pace, it tends to kill off certain trends and norms we are accustomed to and brings about new trends as fast. For those wanting to stay at the top of their game and ahead of the competition, it is of utmost importance that they be aware of the future trends.

Future Digital Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the latest tech development that is being heavily marketed by leading tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and even Tesla. Artificial intelligence is already baked into most smartphones, smart speakers, car info systems and it is every soon going to be in everything we know such as hidden cameras and your pen camera. While the negative effects of AI – like Skynet – are up for debate, this is a trend which will not be halting any time soon.


The cryptocurrency frenzy swept the world off its feet on 2017 and while it has calmed down to some extent, it is here to stay. There is still a lot of suspicion and confusion about crypto currency, how it works and its safety but now that its popularity has grown, companies and people are dipping their fingers into the trade. According to experts the total value of cryptocurrency is currently at a tune of three hundred billion US Dollars.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Another feature being marketed as the breakthrough tech by many companies, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality promises a range of benefits to consumers as well as bringing a much more interactive experience across all industries including the gaming sector, the educational sector and the advertising sector.

Smart Speaker

What was sparked off by the release of the Echo by Amazon has resulted in a large and growing market. A number of companies have rushed to get into the smart speaker market which has actually created a saturated market as of now. The advanced voice assistants and the fact that the smart speaker is right in our houses make it easy to ask questions and do other related activities. Analysts project that smart speakers will soon be a major mode through which users will ask questions and do their shopping.


This is somewhat related to the growth of artificial intelligence. As the machines are made smarter, they are able to take on more tasks and manage them more efficiently and do it faster too. Over time, numerous jobs and industries will be handled by automated machines. For an instance, the production of Tesla’s latest car, the Model 3, is almost completely being handled by machines. The only humans present just oversee the task to ensure that everything is done in a smooth manner. For now, the first few jobs targeted by machines will be dangerous and repetitive tasks but over time, machines will start to handle a multitude of other tasks too.

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