Bajaj Mexico and Archer Troy introduce LIFE KEY for motorcyclists’ safety

It’s a simple yet revolutionary idea that turns the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 in one of the safest motorcycles on the market. Creativity and technology join together in to the mission of taking care of the drivers on the road.

Mexico City, may 24th 2016.- Bajaj México and Archer Troy introduce, for motorcyclists’ safety: LIFE KEY.

With the purpose of reducing death rates from accidents involving motorcyclists, Bajaj Motorcycles and Archer Troy have made a joint effort to develop an innovative solution called LIFEKEY.

A simple but effective idea that aims to transform the use of the helmet, making habit out of it.

This is possible by incorporating a simple technology that consists in synchronizing the switch of the motorcycle with a sensor into the helmet, that will not allow the boot without wearing it; this technology will make security a ritual in all motorcyclists.

With this innovative solution, Bajaj Motorcycles and Archer Troy are committed to impact on Mexican society and change a daily reality on the streets.

Client: Bajaj motorcycles mexico
Agency: Archer Troy
Lion/Category: PR Lions and Cyber Lions
Media: Experiential
Category: Cannes
Country: Mexico
Creative Director: Arturo Diaz
Creative Director: Miguel Angel Arciniega
Creative Director: Miguel Suarez
Creative Director: Pedro Molina
Copywriter: Luis Rodríguez

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