BBC Sounds is truly music to the ears, get ready to Listen Without Limits

BBC Sounds is a new, trendy and oomph-worthy app from BBC. It is personalised and lets you listen to some cool music, radio and podcast. This film Listen Without Limits shows a listener going about her day and wherever she goes, she is accompanied by talents from different genres of music, radio and podcast. They keep her entertained through a continuous deluge (which is not all ewww but wowww) of good and entertaining content from music to comedy to podcasts to documentaries. And, don’t forget to spot your favourite stars like Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, Idris Elba and who? Tell us in the comments below!

BBC Sounds - Listen Without Limits

BBC Sounds is said to hold BBC content (LIVE and on-demand) worth thousands of hours that is featured on Radio 1 Breakfast Show and Essential Mix. You can even listen to the best of podcasts as well as new music numbers particularly made for BBC Sounds. It’s the first time BBC has launched an app that will hold all its audio content in one station. Music to the ears. Isn’t it? BBC claims that it will be a unique experience for each user as the app is programmed to study your listening routines and therefore provide you with the kind of audio you would like to listen to. With a tap, you can get access to all the latest BBC podcasts, your favourite radio shows and other never-before-seen audio content!

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Advertiser: BBC
Agency: BBC Creative
Campaign: Listen Without Limits
Media Planning and Buying: Havas Media Group and BBC Media Planning
Design and branding: Mother Design
Content company: Somethin’ Else

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