BMW dDrive Dog Basket

The Thrill Of The Drive Isn’t Just For Drivers. BMW dDrive

BMW dDrive Dog Basket

The sheer driving pleasure of a BMW is not exclusive to drivers. Furry passengers can now enjoy the BMW dDrive dog basket, which comes with an in-built fan so pets can experience the exhilaration of the open road from the safety of their basket.

Jack Russell, BMW’s Head of Product Fabrication, says “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the thrill of driving a BMW and so we have taken our innovations in mobility solutions using carbon fibre and TwinPower Turbo technology to provide a product for a brand-new audience. Owners can also feel safe in the knowledge that their canine friends are enjoying the thrill of the drive in a BMW without any potential mishaps or damage to the back seats!”

BMW dDrive | April Fools 2017

Source: BMW dDrive Basket

Developed at FCB Inferno, London
Filming by director Ed Salkeld via Pretzel Films
Producer Mike Facey
Post production was done at Unit.

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