‘Breaking Point’: Master skills of the photography for children with disabilities

Social project from Russia ‘Breaking Point’.

Photo expeditions with children from a charity organization ‘FotoCh‘ that allows orphans and children with disabilities to master skills of the photography art together with and equally with their normal peers.

Master skills of the photography for children with disabilities | Breaking Point Case Study

They climbed to the mountains of Caucasus and went through ices of Lake Baikal. Amazing photographs we presented to the audience at the interactive exposition in a museum in the centre of Moscow where with the help of interactive installations visitors had the possibility to stand in the place of photographers and to try making the similar photos. We showed a documentary film about our heroes and proved to the society that there are no people with limited possibilities. There are people with unlimited talent.

Client – Children And Youth Rehabilitation Center For Visual Arts ‘Fotoch’
Advertising Agency: E:Mg, Moscow, Russia
Partner At E:Mg Group: Creative&Strategy: Anton Melnikov
Chief Creative Officer: Maxim Kolyshev
Managing Director: Tatyana Tarmogina
Art Director: Lidia Veres
Copywriter: Lubov Esayan
Cameramen: Maxim Kolyshev, Grigoriy Bulkot
Chief Photographer: Andrey Kamenev
Operator: Dmitriy Khrustalev
Composer: Oleg Litvishko
Sound Producer: Eugeniy Pankratov
Film Editor: Serafim Salnikov
Client Service Director: Eugenia Raeva
Producer: Nadezhda Sokolova
PR Director: Ekaterina Anninskaya
SMM Manager: Alena Kvartnik
PR Agency: Dynamic Projects Group

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