Fusion of scientific innovation and culture through magnificent COEL Smart Bangles

The lack of access to proper healthcare and awareness about health issues and precautions during pregnancy is a significant problem in many rural areas of India. Therefore, Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd wanted to improve the current condition of pregnant women and promote good health for them as well as for their prospective baby. They came up with the idea of COEL Smart Bangles where COEL is Carbon Monoxide Exposure Limiter. This was a great innovation especially for women in rural India who are exposed to Carbon Monoxide. The bangle alerts them whenever their exposure to carbon monoxide crosses the safety threshold.

Coel Smart Bangle for Maternal Wellness

COEL Smart Bangles have some other interesting features too. It gives regular tips to women about their maternal health. This application is called MAMA messages, and they are recording in the local language so it can be easily understood by women in rural areas. These bangles have LED alerts and a battery that lasts at least ten months, if not more. These bangles are also water resistant so women can wear it while performing their household chores.

The Smart Bangle for Maternal Wellness

Some of the best features of this innovation:
1. Bangles are an integral part of our tradition so wearing COEL Bangles wouldn’t feel like a hassle for women
2. COEL Bangles solves some of the fundamental issues faced by pregnant women

We need such innovations especially in a country like India where so many women suffer during pregnancy due to lack of relevant information. This is a great innovation by Grameen Intel Team and has garnered support from international agencies like UN Foundation, USAID, Johnson, and Johnson, etc.

The advertisement also depicts the situation of pregnant women in a very practical way and shows the importance of COEL bangles in their lives.

Production House : Filmy Features
Director : Shankha Dasgupta
Producer : Lucky Pampampam
Executive Producer : Dipankor Dip
Director of Photography : Mus Naz Sakib
Production Designer : Kazi Barin
Art Director : Mridul
Make Up artist : Jewel
Costume & Casting Director : Shaan azim
First Assistant Director : Tanvir Hossain
Assistant Directors : Nimon Morshed Shahain Shaan Shuvo Jamil
Story Board Artist : Kazi Barin
Offline Edit & Grading : Ikbal Kabir Joel
Background Score : Manzur E Khuda Asheq
Voice : Lucky Moni
Sound Mixing & Mastering : Splice Post
CG : Filmy Features
Post Supervisor : Kabir Razu
Production Manager : Kabir Ahamed
Cast : Nawrose Nabila, Anowarul Haque

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