Emergency pin code by Sekron Security system- A revolutionary method to stop kidnapping and reduce crime

Emergency pin code by Sekron Security system

‘Express Kidnapping’ is common these days when kidnappers try to get hold of victims at the ATM Machines and force them to transact money. If they fail to give the money, they end up with fatal injury or murder. To help reduce this crime Sekron Security System has come with its innovative technology where it can monitor the crime in real-time. The concept of Emergency Pin Codes created by Sekron Security system can help in reducing the crime greatly. In order to do so, banks need to avail their services and install their software in their systems. This gives a chance for the customers to choose a “secret security pin” along with the normally used ATM pin. When in danger, the victim can enter the “secret security pin” which restricts the amount being transacted at the ATM and also alerts the security at Sekron by sending them snapshots of the kidnapper. A mobile app is also installed in the victim’s phone which help them get real-time location of the victim hence helping them catch hold of the assailant in no time.

Key Highlights of the ad campaign

● The ad campaign is appealing because it grabs attention of the viewers by using an issue that is very common and they face often.
● The ad explains their technology and working algorithm in a very simple language that can appeal to the masses.
● It highlights how easy it is to use their technology in order to keep one safe.

Agency Network: Grey Brasil, Sao Paulo
Production Company: D21 Filmes, Sao Paulo
Creative Agency: Grey Brasil, Sao Paulo
CCO: Rodrigo Jatene
Creative Director: Rodrigo Jatene
Creative Director: Federico Russi
Art Director: Luis Ulrich
Copywriter: Jorge Gonzalez
Copywriter: Fernando Clemente
Technology: Sekron Security Systems team
Project Manager: Nathália Beividas
RTVC: Nicole Godoy
RTVC: Mariana Mendes
RTVC: Natacha Veiga
RTVC: Ian Inglez
RTVC: Felipe Bartorilla
Agency Producer: Robinson Silva
CEO: Sergio Prandini
COO: Marcia Esteves
Account Executive: Renata Tolentino
Planner: Raquel Messias
Production House: D21 Filmes Team
Director: Daniel Bontempo
Executive Producer: Kátia Bontempo
Photography Director: Mauricio Franco
Art Director: Alice Stamato
Account Team: Kátia Bontempo
Account Team: Murilo Prado
Online Editor: Felipe Bartorilla
Online Editor: Digital21
Post Production: Digital21 Team
Account Team: Simone Marinho
Account Team: Ludimila Stempniewski
Voiceover: Phil Nicholson

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