Fiat Social Drive – Your friends from the social networks with you in your Fiat

To launch the New Fiat Punto to a young audience, AgenciaClick Isobar went beyond the brief and developed an innovative new feature for the car. Fiat Social Drive is a hands-free service that allows the driver to connect to your social networks while driving in safe way.

General creative director: Fred Saldanha, Raphael Vasconcellos
Creation director: Eduardo Battiston
Editor: Bruno Barbieri
Art director: Diogo Valim
Illustration: Gustavo Bockos
Developer: Fabiano D’Agostinho, Marcos Paulo Santos Falcão, Luis Leão, Francisco Adelano, Danilo Cavalcante
Animation: Fabio Del Rio, Lucas Lourenço, Fabricio Lucio
Project Manager: Claudio Souza, Ernane Melo, Paula Sotto Maior, Flaviano Guerra, Maira Zaclis, Eduardo Maruxo, Cristiane Molnar, Isabela Fagundes Pereira
Information Architecture: Felipe Accorsi
Design: Bruno Oyama, Eduardo Rodarte, Eduardo Marzionna, Vinicius Maffeis Juliani
Producer of RTV: Priscila Moscovich, Carolina de Moura Florentino
Top Movies: Ritmika
Agency: AgenciaClick Isobar
Advertiser: Fiat

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