Introducing Flashlight Billboard, The new way of Advertising

A new billboard campaign was launched in the U.S where the billboards themselves were made entirely out of light. This could be highlighted anywhere with a little flashlight.

In short, you could have your own personalized billboard in the form of a flashlight that you could carry in your pocket and advertise your product anytime and anywhere. You would not even require a particular space to use this. These flashlight billboards have totally changed the traditional ways of advertising.

What is in the video?
● A revolution in the way products is advertised
● Cost cutting in advertising because you don’t really need to spend on space and numerous billboards. Just a 30$ flashlight would suffice.
● You can advertise anytime and anywhere.
● The 3D part attached to the product helps in making large virtual billboards.

If you are trying and thinking of making and creating a new buzz for your brand idea and your product, then this torch from Elite can prove to be of much help for you. By attaching a custom 3D printed part we transformed our flashlight into mobile media. So, to make the magic happen and watch your sales go high, this is the advertising tool that you need today.

Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson, Atlanta, USA
Associate Creative Directors: Lucas Heck, Marcos Piccinini, Daniel Prado
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Jones

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