Google #IMakeApps gives app developers the chance to be storytellers

The world has come a long way in terms of technological advancement. Google is one of the tech brands that has been at the center stage of such developments. In an ongoing campaign started by the technology giant, android developers from all over the globe are sharing their journeys. The whole initiative goes by Google #IMakeApps. Anybody can use the hashtag to talk about their dreams and stories as app developers. Meet some amazing people who create apps and games.

Here are some of the featured ones by Google #IMakeApps:-

Faith Ringgold
App developers are nothing short of artists. Well, in some cases, app developers are artists themselves. The same is the case of Faith Ringgold. She is an artist who was born and brought up in Harlem. Faith believes that art is something that lives inside everyone. She takes inspiration to be the most important thing in her life. In fact, all Faith tries to do with her art is to inspire people. Her work can be found in a number of art galleries and museums across the globe. She is also the creator of Quiltuduko. It is an android game based on Sudoku. Quiltuduko has 1000+ downloads on the Google Play Store. Faith Ringgold’s belief in inspiring others and being inspired herself lives in her app as well as her art.

Hans Jørgen Wiberg
Hans Jørgen Wiberg is courage personified. He is a Denmark-based man living with a visual illness that will eventually render him blind. However, Hans doesn’t let being visually impaired get in the way of his chair restoration business. He has been helping his wife run the business for over 20 years and has never once lost faith in his ability to make a difference. Not only does Hans make a significant contribution to his family’s chair upholstering business, but is the also the creator of Be My Eyes. It is an app that connects visually impaired people with sighted volunteers. It is beyond doubt that we need more people like Hans Jørgen Wiberg. The world is already a better place because of his endeavors.

Niek Bokkers
Life is nothing but a collection of experiences. Niek Bokkers is someone who understands that well. He is an adventurer who has over 150,000 kilometers under his belt. Niek’s approach to traveling is not a planned one. He sets out on his travels with a place in mind and figures everything else out along the way. According to him, that is where the true adventure lies. Looking back at his life, Niek wants to be able to say that he has lived a good one. Also, he is the creator of Polarsteps. It is an app that allows its users to keep a track of their travel expeditions. The app makes minimal battery usage and creates a detailed log of the user’s travels. Simply put, Niek is trying to live every moment to its fullest!

Manel Alcaide
This man from Spain is as humane as he is talented. Manel seeks refuge in circus arts. They offer him an escape from the chatter in his head. For Manel, practicing aerial skills on silks is the only time when his brain feels empty. Not only is he an amazing acrobat, but a visionary app developer as well. Manel Alcaide is the founder of an app called Visualfy. His app helps turn sound into sensory and visual cues. He is trying to bridge the communication gap that exists between deaf people and the ones who can hear. Manel believes that everybody on the planet is the same, and all of us, regardless of our physical differences, are only people. He is actively working towards a more inclusive world by working on Visualfy.

Gregory Veret
Gregory is an app developer who lives in Paris. The Frenchman is the creator of an android application called Xooloo. The app created by Gregory teaches healthy digital habits to children. It is a manifestation of Gregory’s vision for the world. Other than being an app developer based in France, Gregory Veret is also an organic farmer. He has his own farm outside of Paris that he visits 3 times a week. Gregory envisions a world where children have access to healthy food. His shared ideology for his entrepreneurial ventures as well as his organic farming business makes him stand apart. Gregory is a man truly working towards a better world!

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