Google Introducing A.I. Experiments – An application that recognizes anything an individual draws

The latest advertising by Google developers is a great initiative taken by the company to promote A.I. Experiments which is an application that recognizes anything an individual draws it may be a cat, police car or even a hospital. It is a clear example of a digital advertising campaign which is on the rise today. The gaming application recognizes the drawing with the help patterns that the individual uses to draw a specific thing. In this age where technology is at the peak, such applications by Google innovations prove to be beneficial to the people. It’s the best use of technology for fun and creative purposes.

Highlights of the advertisement
• Easy to understand application and simple interface
• Can be used by people of all ages
• Recognizes things from just by a simple drawing
• It helps to differentiate between words that are unclear
• The use of machine learning technology

The game is built using API along with machine learning technology wherein the computer is trained to a millions of characters and symbols so even when an individual begins to draw what he desires it starts to guess what it is, for example in the making of a suitcase it may guess a square or even an L as the individual begins to draw. It does not always provide the right answer but over a period of times as it encounters new drawings and symbols of a particular thing it registers and then recognizes with ease any of kind of familiar drawing that it encounters in the future.

Jonas Jongejan
Henry Rowley
Takashi Kawashima

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