Google TrashScan – Your New Recycling Guide

As noble as it is, Recycling can get confusing at times. A layman can often find himself wondering if a said item is recyclable or not. Even when something is recyclable, it can be difficult to know which bin to throw it into. Regardless, if we don’t start making conscious efforts to save the environment, the adverse effects of the greenhouse effect might just lead to our extinction. Recycling is of paramount importance as 60% of the items that make it to landfills don’t even belong there. An app called Google TrashScan streamlines the whole process of separating recyclable items from non-recyclable ones.

As elaborated in the digital ad released by S.I. New house School of Public Communications, Trashcan is an app designed by Google in collaboration with Transaction International. Using the AI-based algorithm of Google Lens, Trashcan can identify recyclable items and suggest you ways to deal with them.

We feel that the app solves a global problem in a very productive manner. In a world where there’s an app for everything, TrashScan blends in perfectly!

Google TrashScan from Campaigns of the World on Vimeo.

Beand: Google
Campaign: Google TrashScan
Advertising Agency: S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA
Art Director: Jingpo Li
Copywriter: Emily Alek

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