Holographic Concert on Road Safety- Spreading awareness via Augmented Reality

In a recent digital campaign on road safety, the government of the Brazilian state of Paraná emphasised the importance of using the crosswalk when crossing the road. The campaign was created by ‘Tif Comunicação’ and featured a holographic concert by the Brazilian rapper, Karol Conka.

Detran PR | Holographic Concert on Crosswalk

The innovative infusion of art and technology induced the pedestrians to quickly take heed to the teachings of the campaign. In a bid to activate the concert powered by Augmented Reality, people had to make use of the crosswalk. Subsequently, the holographic concert was turned into a video clip.

Detran PR | Holographic Concert on Crosswalk | Augmented Reality

The final results achieved by the state of Paraná turned out to be positive. The campaign lead to a staggering 15% accident reduction. We feel that this was a brilliant way of amalgamating various entities to achieve a singular goal i.e. reduction of accidents due to pedestrians crossing the road outside the sidewalk.

Advertising Agency: Tif Comunicação, Brazil
Creative Director: Thiago Biazetto
Copywriters: Rafael Coradine, Isadora Correia
Art Directors: Waldemar Segundo, Rafael Bortolli, Johann Stancik
Strategy: Fhabyo Matesick, Ilana Stivelberg
Manager Production: Renata Adriazola
Production: Rafaela Coradin, Camila Lellis, Paloma Vaz, Claudia Couto
Media: Luciana Stelfeld, Carol Tomiello
Film Production: Trunkshot
Audio Production: Jamute Audio
Client: Deonilson Roldo, Marcos Trad, Fabíola Maziero, Núria Bianco

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