Jaguar UK – Feel Wimbledon with Andy Murray | Iconic Tennis Moment Brought to Life

Andy Murray is a name that needs no introduction. The right-handed tennis professional hails from Scotland, England. Andy’s sensational career has decorated the name of his country with a number of accolades over the years. Apart from being a winner of many grand slam events, Andy is one of the few players to have won a Wimbledon championship as well. Needless to say, the Wimbledon Championship has a special place in the world of tennis. Lifting the Wimbledon Cup in the air is one of the most surreal moments a professional tennis player can ever experience in his career. By the virtue of a recent partnership between Jaguar and Andy Murray, fans now have the option to immerse themselves in the grandeur of scoring championship point in a Wimbledon tournament. Feel Wimbledon with Andy Murray is one of the amazing feats achieved by the ever-evolving synergy between man and machine.

The VR experience debuted at Goodwood Festival of Speed, followed by London Waterloo station, where over 10,000 people tried the experience, over 2 million people watch the 360 video, and over 20,000 Google Cardboards were distributed to Jaguar retailers.

The digital promo for the 360-degree immersive experience has been curated by Mindshare Europe. The promo embeds viewers in the jaw-dropping aura of Andy’s championship point. The voice-over by Andy himself further adds to the realism of the project. Jaguar also draws a comparison between the exhilaration offered by the all-new F-Pace and Andy’s championship point.

We feel that Feel Wimbledon campaign delivers exactly what it promises: splendor!

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