Jeep Offline Game – An Entertaining Reason to be Offline

Jeep is a name that automobile enthusiasts readily associate with typical 4×4 attributes like ruggedness, power, and sporty aesthetics. However, the brand’s legendary status has more to do with the total off-road experience and accompanied lifestyle that goes along with the name, ‘Jeep’. The recent campaign, Jeep Offline Game, is a striking example of the brand’s out-of-the-box thinking.

By virtue of the power manifested in a plugin created by the ad agency, ‘F.Biz’, the famous google chrome T-Rex game can easily be turned into a virtual all-terrain offline experience.

Well, who knew that substituting a Jeep Willys for a T-Rex inside an endless game could turn into a digital campaign? Now that is it out there, we happen to concur with views depicted in the game’s promotional video: The best way to disconnect from the world is on a Jeep!

You can get it here Jeep Offline Game

Brand: Jeep
Campaign: Jeep Offline Game
Advertising Agency: F.Biz, Sao Paulo, Brazil
CCO:Guilherme Jahara
Ecd:Alessandro Bernardo
Creative: Armando Araújo, André Batista, Sérgio Klemtz
Cso: Renata D’Avila
Planning: Sara Silva, Marina Mouco, Mariana Viçossi
Media: Luciana Prado, Victor Berto, Fernando Cipriano, Giovanna Fernandes
CBO: Juliana Nascimento
Client Service: Raul Fernandes, Sabrina Zajakoff, Jonathan Cartagena
Marketing: Mônica Gelbecke, Janaina Langsdorff
Pr: Mônica Gelbecke and Janaina Langsdorff
Rtvc: Iara Demartini
Motion Designer: Wesley Martins, Carlos Souza
Audio Production Company: A9
Technology: Marcelo Carneiro, Vincent Maraschin, Kauê Righi and Nicholas
Proofreading: Eliane Arakaki and Renata Garcia
Client Approval: Joao Ciaco, Maria Lucia Antonio, Marjorie Kockannya

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