JWT Japan and The University of Tokyo laboratory open the ‘No Salt Restaurant’

This restaurant was born for patients with high blood pressure, who normally cannot eat foods with high salt content, through the collaboration of a university lab × food specialist × advertising agency.

Electro taste is the taste you feel when you electrically stimulate your tongue.
Electro taste has no nutritional value, but you feel taste.
This fork was designed to deliver electro taste to your taste buds, along with food.


The future of cooking starts here.
“NO SALT RESTAURANT” provides a five course meal using no salt at all.
NO SALT Cooking + ELECTRIC Seasoning, for Delicious Meals with SALT Flavor.


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Client: Ishii clinic
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Japan
Device Production: aircord
Film Production: AOI pro., DEMON PICTURES
PR: vector Group SIGNAL

Creative Director / Copywriter / Planner: Kohei Kawasaki (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Chief Producer / Planner: Tomohiko Nakano (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Buisiness Director / PR Director: Riki Kawanami (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Business Director: Yongbom Seo (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Inventor: Hiromi Nakamura (JSPS Research Fellow (PD) at The University of Tokyo)
Technical Producer: Toshiyuki Hashimoto (aircord.inc)
Mechanical Design Engineer: Osamu Iwasaki (aircord.inc)
Product Designer: Tomofumi Yoshida
Fabricator / Fabrication Design: Maki Hitomi (aircord.inc)
Technical Operator: Seiya Nakano (aircord.inc)
Photographer / Film Director (Teaser): Yasuyuki Kanazawa (DEMON PICTURES CO.,LTD.)
PR Producer: Wataru Amano (vector Group SIGNAL, Inc.)
Art Director: Toshihiro Sekiguchi (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Copywriter: Kaoru Yabe (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Film Producer: Hisaya Kato, Kazuki Utagawa (AOI Pro. Inc.)
Production manager: Takuya Utsumi (AOI Pro. Inc.)
Film Director: Takehiko Nishizawa (LIGHT THE WAY)
Cinematographer: Misaki Hikosaka (Freelance)
Cooking: Chiho Imanishi (Ishimori studio)
PR Director: Toru Nonaka (vector Group SIGNAL, Inc.)
PR Assistant Director: Yuki Kobayashi (vector Group SIGNAL, Inc.)
Media Promoter: Miki Isogai, Rieko Matsunaga, Junko Morinaga (vector Group SIGNAL, Inc.)
Hair&make: Aya Sumimoto (GiGGLE)
Model: chagu (la farfa)
Graphic Designer: Yoshiro Nakamoto (J. Walter Thompson Japan)
Web Developer: Kazuyoshi Kato (J. Walter Thompson Japan)

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