Honda launches “Keep Safe Whispers” for motorcyclists to avoid accidents

In Colombia, motorcyclists die everyday due to speeding.
Low costs and the easy access young people have to buy a motorcycle, has made the industry grow 163% in comparison to last year.


Honda set out to find a creative way to lower the number of accidents by preventing them and preserving what’s most important: people’s lives.
Until now, helmets were designed to protect people in case of an accident, keep safe whispers is a communication platform thought to prevent them, by using the helmet’s intercom as a communication channel between the driver, its family and their messages.

DDB Colombia’s idea allows family and friends’ motivational messages to reach motorcycle drivers while they drive, inspiring them to reduce speed and be safe. Through an App find in the Apple Store, people can record messages storage in a system. The GPS identifies when the speed limit is exceeded and sends messages, via Bluetooth, to the helmet.

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Media: Ambient
Category: Automotive
Advertiser: Honda Motor Company, Ltd.
Product: Honda Helmets
Advertising Agency: DDB, Bogota, Colombia
Chief Creative Officer:Leo Macias
General Creative Directors:Marco Muñoz, Daniel Calle
Digital Creative Director:Andrés Aristizábal
Art Director:Oscar Martínez, Santiago Acevedo, Jefferson Arango
Copywriter:Leonardo Sanchéz, Mateo Morales, Camilo Parra Account director: Viviana Rosero, Alejandro Atehortua Animation: Cristian Martínez
Production Company:La tienda

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