Kia Motors technological innovation: Work Blind Spot

The idea was inspired by one of the technological innovations of Kia cars, called Blind Spot – a feature that identifies vehicles that are outside the drivers field of vision. With this in mind, the creative duo responsible for the account decided to replicate this experience digitally, and designed a plugin for Google Chrome browser. This plugin’s main feature would be to protect the user from screeners; – people who can never resist looking at the screens of others to see what they are doing.

Brand: KIA
Advertising Agency: Moma Propaganda, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodolfo Sampaio
Art Director: Guilherme Martins
Copywriter: Rafael de Miranda
Project Manager: Ricardo Brevvi
Digital Producer Company: Huia Digital Production
Study Case: Dogs Can Fly
Director: Manimou
Client: José Luiz Gandini

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