No Po Po: Honk Less. Spread Peace. Earn Rewards

No Po Po is a program that rewards people for not honking! Using a smart device and an app, you can keep a check on your honking usage and patterns.

The Problem

The incessant car honking on Indian roads is everything but music to our ears. Enough to knock out peace from our lives and send our frustration levels skyrocketing, honking is a problem that deserves immediate attention.
As Maruti Suzuki, someone who sends the maximum no. of cars on Indian roads, we feel it’s our responsibility to do something about the burgeoning problem.

The Idea – No PO PO

No Po Po is a device that counts and records the number of times you press
the horn. The lesser you honk, the more rewards you earn. So go ahead, honk less, spread peace and earn rewards!

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Chief Creative Technologist: Gurbaksh Singh
Advertising Agency: Dentsu | Webchutney Innovation Lab
Offered by Maruti Suzuki

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