No Somos Delito: Holograms | The new form of freedom expression

Regarded as the first holographic protest in the history of Spain, this protest came into being when the freedom of expressions of the people of Spain was stopped from being expressed in the public. The release of the law showed that the no one would be allowed to hold any public meetings without any prior notice. This notice was deeply hated by the Spanish people.

Holograms for Freedom

Now, what happened?

● The video here represents the historical event where the first holographic even was organized.
● This event was created when people made a video of themselves individually or in groups which were then converted into holograms.
● This even turned the heat up and took it to the new level where it was highly shared on social media.
● Further, millions of petitions were signed online.
● Reaching out to the millions, the international media too took an interest in it and it became a matter of conversation all over the world.
● It was argued that even the holograms have more right than the living beings.
● Finally, it reached the Congress, and the law was subsequently removed.

Holograms for Freedom

This kind of protests shows the right and best way of using the technology. Also, it tells that no matter what and how the fundamental rights get violated in any part of the world, but still each and every individual will feel connected to it and by the use of this technology, show his or her personal concern.

Client: No Somos Delito
Advertising Agency: DDB, Madrid, Spain
Production Company:
Chief Creative Officer: Jose Maria Roca de Viñals
Executive Creative Directors: Guillermo Santaisabel, Javier Urbaneja
Creative Director: Cristina Rodríguez
Copywriter: Daniel Rodriguez
Account Supervisor: Mariona Cruz
Account Executive: Gabriela Castro
Agency Producer: Elena Carrasco
Director: Esteban Crespo
Executive Producer: Alvaro Gorospe
Cinematographer: Pancho Alcaine
Postproduction Supervisor: Elena Vergel
Hologram Supervisor: Bruno Galán
Editor: Fernando Guarinello
Interactive Director: David Bardos
Front End Programmer: Fernando Drumond
Photographer: Alberto Escudero

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