Ogilvy’s ‘Maxis SOS Network’ a lifeline for flood affected victims

Maxis SOS: The Emergency Lifeline Campaign

Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong (Ogilvy) and leading Malaysian communications network Maxis, have developed and launched a one-of-a-kind portable communications device that allows people to call for help when power supplies or cellular activity has been affected during heavy monsoon rains and flooding.

The SOS device is safe, reliable and easy to use and can be set up within minutes in a flood- affected area, which provides an interim solution until normal telecom infrastructure is restored.

Execution involved designing weather-proof boxes that consist of multiple ‘mesh nodes’ and a battery, router and antenna. The nodes are specifically designed to be placed on the rooftops of houses and buildings in affected areas, connecting with each other to form a mesh communications network.

All smartphones are then able to connect to the SOS ‘wifi’ network regardless of service provider, allowing users to send messages unhindered within the area. Only a few mesh nodes are needed to cover an area of several square kilometers. The battery in each node lasts for one week and can be recharged via solar, generator, mains or car battery.

Rafael Guida, Executive Creative Director, OglivyOne Hong Kong said, “Extreme weather often cripples power supplies and cellular activity, preventing people from calling for help or telling loved ones they are safe. The Maxis SOS Network is simple but highly effective and taps into Ogilvy’s digital and technological expertise. We are extremely proud of this product and would like to see this communications device help more potential people in need.”

Campaign credits:
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong
Communications network: Maxis
Chief Creative Officer: Reed Collins
Executive Creative Director: Rafael Guida
Creative Director: Matt Nisbet
Creative Director: John Koay
Head of Creative Technology: Craig Mason
Art Director: Elaine Li
Business Director: Prabha Alexander
Account Director: Jonathan Ha
Account Executive: Danesh Asokkumar

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