ONEMI Radio: Cardboard Radio Designed to Save Lives in Chile

Most people know Chile as a South-American country enriched with culture and beautiful landscapes. However, the rock-solid resolve and untethered the resilience of the Chilean population is unknown to many. Chile is a highly seismic country where approximately 30% of the whole world’s seismic energy is released. Various past records of earthquakes reinforce the same alarming notion being discussed. In a country where 450 seismic movements per month are a normalcy, ONEMI has come up with a unique device to strengthen communication in times of need. The ONEMI Radio is a solar-powered cardboard device that is aimed to provide citizens with valuable intel when all other modern sources of communication go down.

ONEMI radio - National Emergency Office

ONEMI Radio - An emergency radio receiver with photovoltaic cells

ONEMI Radio technology

ONEMI radio

In a digital infomercial created by Shackleton Group, people associated with the project express elaborate on the device. The infomercial showcases how easy it is to assemble the ONEMI Radio, and how people can use it in their times of need. The fact that radio communication can’t be taken down even in extreme circumstances is also emphasized in the digital promo.

We feel that the ONEMI radio is a device that will essentially make the lives of Chilean citizens better. It is an ideal example of how technology is bettering the world!

Client: ONEMI (Oficina Nacional de Emergencia del Ministerio del Interior)
Agency: Shackleton Group

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