Snapchat Spectacles: Smart Glasses

Revolutionary app, Snapchat will soon be unleashing a new kind of spectacles that will allow you to make a 10 second snap. The best part showcased by these spectacles is the way of shooting a video. Particularly, these specs will paint the video in the exact format as seen or witnessed by person in real. Furthermore, the lights in this gadget will reveal to your friends that you are snapping. Once the person is done with snapping, he or she can wirelessly add those snaps to the memories section on Snapchat. More importantly, the specs will get charge in their cases only so you do not have to worry about their charging in particular.

Snapchat Spectacles - Smart Glasses

Snapchat Spectacles - Smart Glasses

Snapchat Spectacles - Smart Glasses

The specs will be reveled very soon for real in the market by Snap Inc. Till now; the company has announced no official date. Just made for the Snapchat app, the specs are way trendier and cooler, thus, will be liked by every age group of people.

● The ad has reveals the revolutionary spectacles of Snapchat.
● It simply points out the different perspective of people and points out that memories must be uniquely captured.
● Now with these spectacles over your eyes, capturing fun moment or play –moments with your friends can be easily gripped in a short video form.
● In addition, the ad points towards the fact that these specs can be used by any person of any age.

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