Space150 introduced CHATBOT to recruit summer interns

From using Snapchat Geofilters to getting a space150 ‘CHATBOT’ to recruit summer interns, space150, a Minneapolis-based digital agency is continuously developing newer techniques on the go. With the idea put forth by Ned Lampert, the creative director of space150, it has come up with a simple chatbot that can actually help in getting potential summer interns. Soon after its release, the advertising and marketing news made sure that the technology spreads far and wide.

The most interesting fact about this technology is that a chatbot is utilized to screen out potential summer interns through promiscuous questionnaires. According to Ned, this bot has been specifically designed for the mobile platform as the majority of people spend their time on their smartphone. At the same time space150, is rigorously moving forward with its advertising campaigns on various social media platforms that would result in a steady influx of interested people for internships. Their social media campaigns proved fruitful as brands like Nike, Buffalo Wild Wings, American Express, etc, were launched for summer internship programs through the chatbot.

Their successful advertising campaigns resulted in an increase in the number of the application within a span of a week. Other than that, it also comes with the provision for applying online till 31st of March. Despite heavy competition in the field of summer intern programs through various other methods, Chatbot by space150 has grown immensely under Ned Lampert. It is seen that chatbot is doing more business that their previous snapchat geofilters did last year.

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