Titan JUXT Pro: Smarter by Far

Titan, India’s leading and the world’s fifth largest watchmaker, announced the launch of the JUXT Pro, its second smart offering, today. Following the launch, the brand launched their latest TVC, highlighting the suite of smart features available in this beautifully designed smartwatch.

Titan JUXT Pro: Smarter by Far

With an objective to showcase the array of features inculcated in the latest offering from Titan, a user-related context was used to narrate the story of JUXT Pro.

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The film is set inside an architect’s office where a team of young architects and their boss are in a meeting. As the protagonist is presenting to the team, his boss notices the JUXT Pro on his wrist and pauses his spiel to pay him a compliment; “Hey, Nice watch”. The orderly colleague with him agrees with the boss and responds with the same remark. Upon this, the protagonist appears to have stopped mid-presentation, being credulously miffed at the fact that someone; anyone thinks that it’s a “watch”. With enthusiasm and swagger, he shows the team what this “watch” can do. He animatedly pulls out feature on feature throughout the film, as the unsuspecting boss and colleague look increasingly stumped. Satisfied that he has sufficiently proved his point he goes back to his presentation, when another colleague walks in and offers him the same compliment on the watch. The boss and colleague exchange a glance, while he seems mildly resigned to explaining the watch features again.

Elaborating on the concept behind the JUXT TVC, Sirish Chandrashekar – Marketing Head, Titan Watches says, “Today’s young Indian is obsessive about his technology. Titan JUXT Pro is the smartwatch that does it all – helps him manage his calls, messages, appointments, while also enabling his creative side through the unique features of controlling camera, storing and playing music etc. This film is single-minded in showcasing how loaded the watch is, in an endearing manner.”

“Titan JUXT Pro is not just a product, it’s an idea. So all we tried to do is present that idea in the simplest, yet insightful way. And we thought of the insight of how tech-lovers get offended when others do not know the value of their techy possessions. We kept the storytelling simple because we wanted to celebrate the Titan JUXT Pro – a product which is an idea and not just a watch” says Azazul Haque, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather.
Designed for the modern multi-faceted man, Titan JUXT Pro offers an array of features to keep him connected, informed and in-touch with his interests. The ad film communicates these stunning attributes of the product and presents JUXT Pro as the smarter smartwatch. Titan JUXT Pro is available in two variants – Matte Black and Steel Black, which are both priced at Rs.22,995.


Created by: Ogilvy & Mather, Bangalore
National Creative Director: Rajiv Rao
Executive Creative Director: Azazul Haque & Mahesh Gharat
Senior Creative Director: Mukesh Kumar
Senior Vice President and Head of Advertising – South: Tithi Ghosh
Account Management: Sindhu Menon, Akshatha Poojari, Shivani Agarwal
Planning: Sreenesh Bhat, Easo John
Agency Producer: Rajib Baruah
PR Agency: Rediffusion/Edelman India
Exposure: TV, Digital, Print and Outdoor

Production House: Good Morning
Director: Shashanka Chaturvedi
Executive Producer: Vikram Kalra
Producer: Robin D’Cruz
Director of Photography: Jason West
Music: Subhajit Mukherjee
Cast: Tanmay, Denzil, Vishrut
Post Production Head: Bharat Arote

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