Vodafone Romania launch Istoria Mobile App which completely revolutionised the way children interact with their history lessons

Technology of the future breathes life into events of the past. Istoria Mobile App by Vodafone Romania in Partnership with FCB Bucharest.

In December 2018 Romanians celebrate 100 years since The Great Union; a pivotal moment in Romanian history, and one that has been celebrated ever since. However with today’s children spending up to 4 hours daily online with the latest innovations at their fingertips, it is becoming increasingly difficult to engage them with lessons of the past.

This is why Vodafone, a brand which has already reinvented learning for the young generation, decided to utilise tomorrow’s technology to reinvigorate the country’s history for children of today. The creation of the Istoria mobile app has completely revolutionised the way children interact with their history lessons.

In a world first, history has become engaging, interactive and current. Istoria works in conjunction with an official history textbook published by leading Romanian publishing house Humanitas. School children can use their mobile devices to scan an active image within their textbook which opens beautifully illustrated and unique comic book strips, based on the corresponding historical event. The content is also accessible without the textbooks, allowing anyone to interact with Romania’s rich history and bring it to life.

Vodafone Romania and FCB Bucharest | Istoria Mobile App

Claudiu Dobriță, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Bucharest says: “We have turned each history lesson into a story – something that is lacking in the current textbook. Eventually, Istoria will become an interactive, easy to use tool to discover Romanian history, in a very important year for our nation. Welcome to the future!”

Laura Barbu, Brand and Marketing Communication Director, Vodafone Romania says: “History does not change, but the way we view it does. We’re happy to offer Romanians a virtual trip to the past, using the technology of the future.”

Istoria is a part of Vodafone’s Digital Library, which can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. More information about Istoria here: https://scoala.bibliotecapemobil.ro/istoria

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