Volkswagen’s “Clean Air in a Box” by DDB China

Volkswagen Brand China and DDB China Group have created a pilot program aimed to help school children in China to have cleaner air in their classrooms. “Clean Air In A Box” initiative was launched to educate school students about air quality and to make their own low-cost air purifiers out of a small electric fan, a carton box and a genuine Volkswagen cabin air filter.

In 2015 DDB Group Shanghai will proudly present “Clean Air In A Box” campaign at Cannes Festival.

We are determined to make clean air affordable to everybody!

Client: Volkswagen Brand China
Campaign: Clean Air in A Box

Chief Executive Officer: Richard Tan 陈仲翰
Vice-Chairman: Jimmy Lam 林俊明
Chief Creative Officer/Creative Director/Copywriter: Tim Cheng 郑天宇
Managing Director: Ng Jit Hoong 伍一菘
Creative Director/Art Director: Steven Cheng 郑国康
Copywriter: Shu Teoh 张淑文
Art Director: Johnson Zhang 张淳
Producer: Ivan Zee 徐家荣
Producer: Cherry Wang 汪士晨
Production: Chen Shaobai 陈少白
Narrator: Mimi Cheng

Production Company:
A new life films 心生活
Director: Nelson Cho 卓兴国

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