Volvo V40: You never know which side you’ll be

Volvo v40 : You never know which side you'll be.



Volvo V40 with pedestrian airbag

Your All-New Volvo V40 features the world-first Pedestrian Airbag. If there is a frontal collision between your V40 and a pedestrian, the bonnet is automatically released and an airbag inflates to cushion the pedestrian, greatly reducing the chances of serious injury.

Volvo V40: Pedestrian Airbag Technology

Brand: Volvo
Product: Volvo V40
Website: volvo cars
Advertising Agency: Grey, Mexico City, Mexico
General Creative Directors: Victor Figueroa Ramírez, Luis Guillén
President & CEO: Pedro Egea Barbosa
Creative Director / Head of Art: Francisco Javier Hernández Flores
Creative Directors: Manuel Vera, Ricardo Montes De Oca
Art Director: Fernando Sánchez Hérnandez
Copywriter: Victor Hugo Barrera López

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