Women In Need- 2six4 mobile app is the new-age Lord Rama in Sri Lanka protecting women from the many Ravanas

Do you know the percentage of women who are sexually harassed during train and bus commutes in Sri Lanka? A staggering 90%! But the more mind-numbing fact is that only 4% of women have sought legal action from the police! So how to address this increasing case of gender-based violence such that women smile on their way to work and back home rather than them having to keep an eye on the lurking predators around? Women In Need (WIN) has a win-win solution. Women In Need (WIN), a body responsible for addressing cases of gender-based violence in Sri Lanka, has designed 2six4 mobile app.

Women In Need 2six4 mobile app to protect from gender-based violence

A woman can now use 2six4 mobile app to stay connected with the police and her friends 24X7, on the move and at the click of a button. But how do you promote the convenience and usefulness of this app to women travelers and tell the sexual predators to back off at the same time? By spreading the awareness of the app inside the public transport vehicles through Viridu singers who have been performing in public places of Sri Lanka and entertaining the public since years. Viridu is one of Sri Lanka’s earliest forms of folk music.

So, WIN collaborated with Sri Lanka’s famous local Viridu singer, Suranga Kavee to create a campaign Viridu Alert that communicates a strong message to the sexual predators skulking about the trains and buses. The song also encourages onlookers to not turn a blind eye to any case of sexual harassment and rather come forward and stop such immoral incidents; thus, doing their bit to create a secure environment for women traveling in public transport.

You can download this app for free!
Android – Google Play download

IOS – App store download

Campaign website: http://www.2six4.lk/

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