Asian Paints – No Place Like Home #ChaarDiwari

#NoPlaceLikeHome – Chaar Diwari
Every home has a story to tell. For Harsh, the vivid memories of his life are preserved within his home’s walls.
Nostalgia is etched into these walls, laughter echoes across the halls and tears leave their tracks down the corridors.

Over the years Harsh, a travel photographer, learnt to trade his comforts and memories in exchange for new ones. Now he’s back to his nest, his home after months of expeditions. Watch him realise what makes his heart ache every time he has to bid adieu to his four-walled box of memories.

Client: Asian Paints

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  • A home is a home!! The memories you store from your childhood to adulthood and to old age a treasure of your happy moments, those little, big and cute fights with your siblings and games that are invented with friends to play, all those memories in a house are so want to store such moments of yours can visit to a smart home that understands your smart memories!! Thank You.. 🙂

    Drishti Khanna August 29, 2016 3:36 PM Reply

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