Blush and Dove India urges to break the rules of beauty and #ChangeTheRhyme

“Chubby Cheeks, dimple chin, Rosy lips, teeth within, Curly hair, very fair, Eyes are blue, lovely too.”
– who hasn’t heard this nursery rhyme growing up? However, a closer look makes you wonder if this verse is the first seed of a singular beauty ideal in the minds of young girls. Through this video, They hope to fuel a conversation that challenges the beauty stereotypes society hands down to impressionable young girls.

Culture Machine’s lifestyle channel ‘Blush’, along with ‘Dove’, continues to ask provocative questions, break the rules of beauty, and challenge the notion of ‘ideal beauty’ with this video ‘Is That You?’

Is That You?

Table Tennis- Aditi Sinha

Gymnastics- Rutuja Parkar
Coach- Suhas Lohar

Wrestling- Akshita Karkera, Sakshi Shetty
Coach- Alexander Fernandes

Archery- Mrudula Parande
Coach- Subhash Nair

Shot Put- Iccha Priti

Runner- Amruta Satre

Hockey Team: Mary Immaculate Girls’ High School
Coach- Nadiya Shaikh

Recitation of Poem: Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg students of Children’s Academy, Malad.

What do you think about this?

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