Brooke Bond Red Label Wins Glass Lion Grand Prix for ‘6-Pack Band’ at Cannes

It is not every day that the transgender community gets celebrated in a society ridden with stigmas.

India’s first transgender band created by Hindustan Unilever’s Brooke Bond Red Label bagged top honors at the 63rd International Festival of Creativity in Cannes. Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band won the Glass Lions Grand Prix, a category introduced to celebrate culture-shifting creativity that positively impacts gender inequality, imbalance and injustice.

In January this year, Brooke Bond Red Label tea and Y-Films partnered to launch India’s first transgender band – the Brooke Bond Red Label 6-Pack Band. The band comprising six members from India’s transgender community, aimed to spread the message of making the world a warmer and more welcoming place for everyone irrespective of religion, economic background or gender. Music videos of the Brooke Bond Red Label 6Pack Band have reached over 25 million people on YouTube and can be viewed here. Celebrities including Sonu Nigam and Hrithik Roshan have lent their support to the band by featuring in their music videos.

Ae Raju – Hrithik Roshan

Presenting to you Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band’s fifth single, ‘Ae Raju’, and this time with Bollywood’s biggest heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan!

Sab Rab De Bande – Sonu Nigam

66 years after the Indian Constitution was signed, India’s first transgender band, the Brooke Bond Red Label 6-Pack Band, sings with Sonu Nigam, to make the world a more welcoming place. Watch, like, and share ‘Sab Rab De Bande’ and help spread smiles all around!

Inspired by a beautiful Guru Granth Sahib couplet, ‘Sab Rab De Bande’ gives the heartwarming message that in the eyes of the Almighty, we are all equal; that there is no barrier of caste, creed, community or gender; and humanity is the one religion all his children should practice.

Hum Hain Happy – 6 Pack Band

Hil Pori Hila (Stomp Mix) | 6 Pack Band feat. Zanai Bhosle

This time, the Brooke Bond Red Label 6 Pack Band gets together with the great Asha Bhosle’s grand-daughter Zanai Bhosle, to sing the most kickass Marathi song EVER!

Brooke Bond Red Label has always struck an emotional chord with consumers through their campaigns that aim to bring about a change in societal outlook. Speaking about the association with the 6 Pack Band, Brooke Bond Red Label spokesperson, Shiva Krishnamurthy said, “Brooke Bond Red Label has always stood for ‘Swad Apnepan Ka’ (Taste of Togetherness) that brings people together from across the widest cultural chasms in India. The brand has implored people to break barriers and come together over a cup of tea. The 6 pack band initiative helps us walk the talk on Brooke Bond Red Label’s credo of making the world a more welcoming place.”

Source: HUL

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