Clean & Healthy Home by FCB West for Clorox

Clean is the beginning. What comes next is everything.
Clean is more than getting rid of dirt and germs.
Clean is about setting the stage for everything that comes after.
A clean slate. A blank canvas. A fresh start.


This is the first large scale campaign for Clorox in the new strategic platform developed by FCB, there’ll be further installments this year.
Clorox disinfecting products wipe away dirt and germs. This new campaign celebrates what comes after the clean: real life, unpredictable, chaotic and wonderful life.

Cleaning is more than getting the place back to normal. What’s important is all the real life that is beyond the clean, full of energy, spontaneity and fun.

We celebrate the moment of cleaning with dramatic flash-forwards of all the authentic family moments that unfold later on that surface.
Clean is the beginning. What comes next is everything.


A clean counter is a nucleus in the home that connects the family. To share their victories. To grow and experiment.
Clean turns a counter into a stage, a laboratory, a victory lap.
We hero this message by contrasting the act of cleaning a counter – with wild flash-forwards of all the joyful family connections, which occur next on that kitchen counter.
A clean kitchen is the beginning. What comes next is everything.


A clean bathroom brings families together. Invites opportunities of deep connection. Creates a moment of peace.
Clean turns a bath into a sanctuary, a playground, an adventure.
We celebrate this message by showing the moment a bath is wiped down – with dramatic flash-forwards of all the authentic family moments, which unfold later around the bathtub. A clean bathroom is the beginning. What comes next is everything.


A clean desk means a clear mind. Greater focus. Happier students. Fewer sick days.
Clean turns a desk into a stadium, a theater, an escape.
We celebrate this message – and the back to school season – by pairing the moment of a desk being disinfected with fun and playful childhood moments, which happen afterward at that desk. A healthy classroom is the beginning. What comes next is everything.

Also, please see attached for hero images from this campaign, for Kitchen, Bathroom and Classroom, respectively.

Lead Agency: FCB West
Chief Creative Officer: Karin Onsager-Birch
Associate Creative Director: Colin Mitchell
Senior Art Director: Juliana Ardilla
Worldwide Creative Partner: Fred Levron
Chief Strategy Officer: Simon White
Planning Director: Ryan Riley
EVP, Management Director: Cary Pierce
SVP, Management Director: Sue Redington
SVP, Management Director: Gwen Hammes
VP, Account Director: Sara Wallace
Senior Account Executive: Courtney Whiting
Account Executive: Raisa Callazo
VP, Director of Integrated Production: Elizabeth Morse
Post Producer: El Goco
Director of Business Affairs: Mary Marhula

Hispanic Market Agency: Alma
Creative Director: David Alvarez
Creative Director: Juan Camilo Valdivieso
Group Business Director: Maria Carolina Reimpell
Senior Brand Executive: Viviana Bustillo
Integrated Producer: Rafael Sanchez

Production Company: RESET
Director: Ian Pons Jewell
Executive Producer: Deannie O’Neal
Line Producer: Ahnee Boyd
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello

Post Production: Whitehouse
Executive Producer: Joni Williamson
Producer: Jen Mersis
Editor: Tobias Suhm
Assist Editors: Max Holste, Nick Diliberto

VFX/Online/Color: The Mill, Chicago
Producer: Natalie Ksiazek
Lead Flame Artist: Jamie Beckwith
Flame Assist: Alison Bloom
Colorists: Luke Morrison/Mikey Pehanich

Animation: Woodshop

Music: Music Orange
Sound Design: Tim Harrison – Aumeta
Mix: One Union
Engineer: Joaby Deal

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