Daan Utsav – Bring smiles for those who bring happiness in your life daily

And this year, #giveanoff is our way of celebrating it. This is the different symbolization of representing the love towards that member of our houses who help us in balancing our work and house by proving to be the best helping hand. The initiative or the point that has quoted in this video refers to the “behind the scene” lives of the people.

Joy of Giving Week

The insights of the video
1. The message depicted here in this video is very motivational and inspiring.
2. It tells about the unusual life of the people who work at our home.
3. It reveals that even after doing so much for us they only feel happy after making their children happy, so why not they get more time to spend with their children unlike we get to do.

This video is a much-appreciated effort by 7 Films who has also produced it. As well and on the same part, loads of thanks to Joshua Tree Films for all the support catered by them. Also, this video somehow wins the heart of everyone by touching the inside of the heart and the essence of feelings.

Film Direction: Titus Upputuru
Agency: Dentsu One
Client: Daan Utsav

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