Exide Life Insurance presents #NoMoreShortCuts on digital media.

Beta Life Me Kabhi ShortCut Mat Lena

Kyunke, Zindagi mein thoda Jugaad toh chalta hai, Lekin Jugaad se zindagi thodi chalti hai!


Exide Life Insurance, an established Life Insurance Company announced the release of its new campaign #NoMoreShortCuts across social media.

The campaign which takes its inspiration from the word ‘Jugaad’ which means quick fix or a shortcut has been released across digital media including social, native and video platforms. Using this campaign the company plans to generate engagements and conversations with its customers over a 30-day period.

If there is one thing we can all secretly admit to, it’s the fact that we have, at some point, taken a short cut in life – be it to beat traffic, solve a problem or simply because we wanted things done faster. We Indians, in particular, are famous for owning this trait on a day-to-day basis. However, short cuts aren’t always the best solution.

Exide Life Insurance used this insight to introduce a unique character named Jugaadulal. In a quirky tale, the audience follows the protagonist in his endeavor to employ short cuts on a daily basis, only to see them fail. He takes us through his experience of using shortcuts and the failures it leads to. In a humorous manner, we are privy to the different phases of his life, and his final realization that shortcuts aren’t the best solution and cannot win over long term planning.


On release of this campaign, Mohit Goel, Director – Marketing said, “The message integrates perfectly with our brand mission of helping Indians prepare financially for a Long and Happy Life. Through this execution, we want our customers to know while short cuts work sometimes, they aren’t always the best solution. And for a long and happy life, you need to have the foresight for long-term planning. This is truly specific for financial planning because there are no shortcuts to making money.”

After all, Zindagi mein thoda Jugaad toh chalta hai, Lekin Jugaad se zindagi thodi chalti hai!
Watch Jugaadulal’s journey from taking shortcuts to understanding the benefits of long term planning.

Brand: Exide Life Insurance
Agency: Autumn Worldwide
Director – Amit Baidya
DOP – Amit Trivedi
Colorist – Swapnil Patole

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