‘Hairy-Nose’ is an appeal to fight air pollution in China

Air pollution is devil of a problems in many countries causing health problems among citizens. In China, the inevitable air pollution is impacting all of its 366 cities. In 2015 all the cities, unfortunately failed to mark up to the air quality standards set by the World Health Organization. It has cause a great deal of health issues and tension among Chinese people.

In order to encourage Chinese citizens to fight air pollution by adopting smart habits, WildAid along with McCann Shanghai conceptualized “Hairy-nose.” The ad campaign magnifies the horrifying impact of pollution on people and animals, turning them to have a spooky look with long hair in their nose! Ewww!!

Funny, creepy new ad campaign ‘Hairy-Nose’ is an appeal to fight air pollution in China
We think, it’ a ‘hairy’ good ad! 😉

Change Air Pollution, Before it changes you.


Agency: McCann Shanghai
Chairman: Tomaz Mok
Client: WildAid
Chief Creative Officer: Tianit Ng
CD/AD: Johnson Sheng
CD/Copywriter: Ray Tang
Art Director: Johnson Sheng, Yao Sheng, Bill Bo, King Bao, Sissi Chen
English Copywriter: Jay Caplan, James Reeves
EP: George Ooi
Production Company: GWANTSI Productions
Director: Chris Xu
EP: William Heun
Producer: Biying Zeng
Editorial: Unlimited Film Center
Sound Mix: Takeone Studio

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