Johnnie Walker’s interesting advertising campaign before American Election

The recent advertising campaign directed by Chris Sargent for the client Diageo North America is named “Keep Walking America”. It is a very strategic digital campaign with creative advertising ideas amidst the current American elections. It can be counted as one of the best campaigns due to the selection of the countryside American grasslands. Moreover, the extremely moving words in the background bring out the feeling of belongingness and inclusive amongst the people. The video brings out the fact that there is definitely diversity but everyone has equal rights and they can all move ahead and keep walking.

The ad campaign also includes creative advertising and design with the mix of intriguing voice-over and the intensity in the video. It has the potential to become a viral video in especially because of the time and circumstances in which it was launched.

Key Highlights:
• The intense voice over in the background with a fluent use of some Spanish words makes the campaign stand out.
• It has a strong message that every one of us has a place in society, therefore, every vote counts.
• The mere use of words like “keep walking” indicates progress.
• The campaign gives a voice to all kinds of a diverse population that exist within America.

Overall, the campaign created a strong advertising and marketing news because of its heart-touching message which was much needed during this time. It brings everyone together as one and talks about promoting unity and progress in the times of grave differences.

Brand: Johnnie Walker
Campaign: “Keep Walking America”
Client: Diageo North America
James Thompson, CMO
Alex Tomlin, SVP Marketing
Stephanie Jacoby, VP Marketing
Agency: Anomaly New York
Production Co.: Anonymous Content
Director: Chris Sargent
Executive Producer: Ayelet Weinerman
Edit: Saints Editorial
Editor: Ross Birchall
Mix: Heard City
Post Production: Method Studios
VO: Rommel Molina
Color: Company 3
Colorist: Tim Masick

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