Mahadhan launches its first TVC ‘Bade Sapne Dekho’

Mahadhan launches its first TVC ‘Bade Sapne Dekho’ Bringing back the pride in farmers

Farming is one of the oldest profession in the country with over 2/3rds of the Indian population involved in it. As a country too, India is reputed as one of the largest agrarian countries of the world. Unlike other large agrarian countries that have adopted technology and farming is a progressive business, India still has a lot of ground to cover and use of technology is unaffordable to most, awareness about farm inputs is low, there is over dependency on climate and skewed policies. Over the years, the profession has lost its sheen and with the rapid urbanization, more and more farmers and their families are moving towards cities and eager to detach from their generation old profession. There has been a spate of negative reporting around issues related to farming and farmers, leading to further grief in the profession.

Smartchem Technologies Ltd (STL), leading fertilizer manufacturers in India and wholly owned subsidiary of Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (DFPCL), launched its TV commercial which focuses on highlighting the contribution of the farmers towards the growth in the Indian economy. Unlike focusing on product promotion and branding, the TVC wants to bring back the lost sheen and pride in the profession. This TVC is targeted at the farmer community and celebrates the occupation of farming – one of the oldest occupations in human history. Through this TVC, Mahadhan aims to bring a change in the belief that farming is not a respected profession. Just as being a doctor or engineer evokes the sense of pride, this TVC hopes to arouse the same sensation in the hearts of the farmer community.

Recently with the growing popularity of new-age farming, there are visible green shoots of the youth desiring to experiment with farming and take it up as a part-time, if not full-time profession. There are many examples where a working professional has adopted farming as a part-time profession too.

On the TVC Launch, Pranav Thakkar, Head – Corporate Communications, Smartchem Technologies Ltd (STL), says ‘’India has been known as a land of kisans. It is an irony that as per The Centre for Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), 76% of the farmers would prefer to do some work other than farming. Mahadhan has been working closely with the farming community for the past 25 years and our mission to make Indian farmers globally competitive. We are working closely with this community to help them improve the quality and yield of their products and help in bringing back pride in farming. As a Company, we are committed to contributing to PM Modi’s vision for India’s agriculture, and we hope that through this TVC, we can project this commitment and create awareness of the invaluable contribution made by India’s farmer community in the growth of the nation.”


The TVC has witnessed a very good response and encouraging comments on social media with over 420,000 views, 13,000 likes and 4,500 shares.

About STL
Smartchem Technologies Limited (STL) is one of the leading fertilizer manufacturers in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals Corporation Limited (DFPCL), a publicly listed, multi-product Indian conglomerate with a multi-product portfolio spanning industrial chemicals, farming diagnostics and solutions and value added real estate. Deepak Fertiliser is the parent company of Smartchem Technologies Ltd, handling the fertilizers, bulk fertilizers and TAN businesses. It’s fertilizer brand “Mahadhan” has been serving the farming community for over 25 years and is a leader in specialty fertilizers. DFPCL’s products conform to world-class quality standards and are preferred brands among various sectors.

Team on TVC
Production House: Spectrum Showtech Limited
Chief Creative Director: Dr. Sridhar Moorthy

Creative Agency: Xebec India
Founder & Director: Kiran Bhatt

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