Mona Haydar’s “Hijabis” took the whole world by awe this International Muslim Women’s Day

On the event of International Muslim Women’s Day, Mona Haydar an independent singer and composer came up with a beautiful video song. It was a noble initiative started by an empowering site, in cooperation with various media sites which created a thousand ripples in the sea of feminism on 27th march of this year. This powerful song features women of various countries who flaunt their “hijabs” with a hint of pride. In the race for women empowerment, Mona Haydar’s Hijabis goes a step forward in promoting independence in choosing what to wear and not to wear. The women in the video clearly showed that even their hijabs are a thing to flaunt not a burden to bear.

This debut viral video song received heavy appreciation for its efforts to promote love and willingness for hijab. But for the Muslim community, it is being treated as no less than a haraam. Receiving wide criticism from Muslim twitteratis Mona has taken the step to lash back by tweeting “if my video is haraam, why are you watching haraam?”. In fact, her song in youtube crossed 5 lakh views in quite a short time. Muslim women have been downtrodden by all classes of people since eternity. But Mona has taken the step to release this video which clearly proves that it’s possible to be modern and traditional both at the same time and the line “I still wrap my hijab” shows it bold and clear. As the lyrics go “covered up don’t take us for granted” is a clear indication that hijabs are not to be treated as a weakness symbol.

For a powerful viral video and equally powerful message, we expect more soulful songs from #hijabiXmona in near future.

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