‘More to Give’ campaign by Fortis Healthcare

Fortis Healthcare – More To Give
More to give- Fortis Health Care

In India, the current organ donation rate is 0.5 donors per million population as compared to more than 30 donors per million in some western countries. There is a serious shortage of organs and the gap between the number of organs donated and the number people waiting for a transplant is ever increasing. Close to half a million Indians die, failing to get organs on time. We can help save such lives by increasing the Organ Donation rate in the country. This is where you can help by pledging to donate your organs.

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Puneet Prakash, the director of this video says, “We wanted to depict how a selfless act such as organ donation results in solace and satisfaction that a loved one is, in a way, living on and in the process has given the gift of life to someone else as well.”

Director: Puneet Prakash
Brand: Fortis Healthcare
Campaign: #MoreToGive

#StopTrashPlant- An awareness campaign to empower people to become organ donor
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