Nanhi Kali, a soul­trembling ad campaign that reflects on gender discrimination in education

Famous Innovations agency has come up with a heart touching ad campaign with a very strong message about educating the girl child. It shows a little girl cutting her hair and wearing the school uniform of her brother. When enquired about it by her friend, she says that she wants to look like a boy so that she can continue studying in her school. In less than a minute, it is able to put across the message about how so many girls in India are still denied education despite their willingness towards going to school. It is important for the world to understand the importance of girl education. Nitin Pradhan brings out the beauty and piousness of little children as well as highlights the biggest evil in Indian society.

Highlights of the advertisement
1.The ad campaign shows the innocence of a little girl because she tries to be a part of the male chauvinist society just by imitating her brother
2.The little girl uses a simple analogy to bring out the big problem of girl drop­outs in Indian schools
3.It shows how oblivion and innocence can bring out the things that sometimes even the most smartest can miss out.
The strong message in this short ad campaign opens the eyes of millions of Indians who still do not believe in sending their little girls to school. It is a mind­boggling and soul­shattering message that can change one’s perspective from being a total ignorant to an empathizer and a progressive changemaker.

Nanhi Kali #EducateTheGirlChild

Client: Nestle India
Project: Nanhi Kali
Agency: Famous Innovations
Production house: Curious Films
Directed by: Nitin Pradhan

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