OLX Karo Aagey Badho Ad Campaign

Life Kabhi Set Nahi Hoti, OLX Karo Aagey Badho!

Irwin Preet Singh Anand, COO and marketing head, OLX India, said “The campaign is built on the back of emerging consumer insights derived from understanding a generation that believes in #YOLO (you only live once) and has #FOMO (fear of missing out). These trends indicate that young Indians have unquenchable aspirations and a continuous desire for new experiences. The campaign aims to highlight the brand as a preferred partner in the hustle and bustle of chasing life’s endless aspirations.”

Campaign Credits:
Irwin Preet Singh Anand, COO and Marketing Head, OLX India
Abhishek Upadhyay, Brand Head, OLX India
Nisheeth Srivastava, Creative Lead, OLX India

Agency Name: Enormous Brands
Creative Team: Ashish Khazanchi, Abhishek Chaswal, Khurram Haque, Umesh Grover and Sayak Basu
Director: Hemant Bhandari
Production House: Chrome Productions

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