Paper Boat – Rizwan, A journey into stories, memories, and innocence

This season, the breeze will carry an adventure. A trip down wayward alleys of sounds and scents. A journey into stories, memories, and innocence.
The Sense of smell can transport you, the sense of taste even more so.

Celebrating that timeless, fragrant journey called innocence.
Paper Boat presents Rizwan: Keeper of the Gates of Heaven.


Agency – Humour Me
Film Production – Humour Me
Chief Creative Officer – Dhruv Sachdeva
Senior Creative Manager – Clifford Afonso
Creative Manager – Dhruv Visvanath
Client Servicing Head – Gitana Singh

Script & Concept – Dhruv Sachdeva
Director – Tanvi Gandhi
Sound Score – Dhruv Sachdeva & Anindo Bose
Sound Design – Dhruv Visvanath & Anindo Bose
Sound Mixing & Mastering – Plug ‘N’ Play studio
Sound Engineer – Anindo Bose

Director of Photography – Harshvir Oberai
Assistant Directors – Jahaan Noble, Avni Murthy
Illustration & Animation – Nikunj Patel
Actor – Ram Sethi
Dog – Sheru

Production Head – Megha Bhansal
Production Managers – Sumer Mehta, Satish Rajan
Editor – Tanvi Gandhi
Colorist – Tony Adrial
Casting Manager – Kalpesh More
Art director – Madhur Madhavan
Stylist – Avni Murthy
Wardrobe / Dressman – Rakesh Dada
Hair & Make-up – Anil Chandel
Script Translation – Zain Anwar
V.O Recording – Zain Calcuttawala

Location – Suchak Bungalow
Live Sound – Roshan Pathak
Gaffer: Akil Shaikh
Focus Puller: Rajendra Dubey
Camera Rental: Camera Plus Pvt Ltd
Light Rental : A1 Lights & Grips

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