Puma’s #DoYou movement to revolutionize women from around the world.

Recently women are at the forefront in every aspect and Puma with its latest series of advertisement is trying to bring that out. So that, women are able to express themselves clearly and with full freedom. It urges women to have their own identity that should not be lost under any circumstances. Women have their goals and aspirations too and they must work towards achieving them.

A series of advertisements by Puma has women celebrities talk about their experience and how they dealt with hurdles that came to them as a virtue of being a woman.

Jacqueline Fernandez:
She talks about how hard she worked all the time when she was not well-known and that there would always be voices asking you to give up. But you need to be strong and listen to yourself. Just #DoYou.

Lisa Haydon:
She gives a beautiful message that maybe it is not even important to choose what you want because that would restrict you. Just do what you like to do. Just DoYou

Olivia Boisson
She is from New York City Ballet and she says something that is faced by most women in current times. There would be days when you feel that you are not good enough but then you need to get up and start working hard. Don’t get bogged down. Just Do You

Cara Delevingne
She warns the women from falling into the trap of following the crowd. Do what you like, introspect. #DoYou

Nomzamo Mbatha
she says that women are taking their identity back in present times. Women are the blueprint of themselves so there can’t be a copy of it. The only way to be original is to Do You

Tashi & Nungsh
Both Tashi & Nungsh chose to take the path less explored by women. They were discouraged because they are women but now they have climbed the highest mountains leaving everyone behind. So don’t listen to others.

Sucheta Pal
She tells her story about how she had to dig deeper into herself against all the outside forces to actually find who she was in reality and what she liked. So find yourself. Do You

Sakshi Malik
She tells her story about being a woman wrestler where no one actually thought that she could be a contender to win a medal.But in the last 10 seconds of her wrestling match, she changed her fate. Wrestling is her identity and wrestling is her passion so find yourself, find your passion. Do You

Nidhi Mohan Kamal
She started going to the gym 15 years ago in a small town in Punjab which was against the social norms. But she did it. She learned the important lesson that mind gives up long before the body does so you need to first fight the battle within you. Do You

Ujjwala Raut
She is a supermodel and she realized that she had to be strong after her daughter was born. She fought relentlessly against all odds and became a supermodel. You have to trust yourself and go ahead. Do You

Kalki Koechlin
She gives an interesting message about learning every day. Learning is growing and it will help you explore yourself and understand yourself better. It leads to change so keep learning.

Anushka Manchanda
For her, passion drives her work and she does what she likes. But life is not about proving yourself to anyone. It is about proving yourself to you. So Do You.

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